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Comfortable, Sporty or leisurely E-bike Experience!

Enduro 3000

This e-bike is the exhilarating option in our stable. It has a 3000w motor with 40 - 60km range with a top speed of around 70km/h. This unit weighs 55Kg’s therefore only suitable for person/s who are confident on a bicycle with a height of 1.6cm and up. This bike has no pedal assist, therefore suitable for all fitness levels.

The Commuter

This e-bike is our “copy cat” of an MTB bicycle. It has a 250w motor with pedal assist function. Stunning and comfortable for all. This bike is ideal for those who enjoy a slight work-out i.e. comfortable and easy pedal assist on uphills. This unit can reach a top speed of about 36km/h with a battery range of 30-50km’s.

The Compact

Last but not least, the fun guy in our stable. This unit is called the compact for a reason, it can fold in half for easy transporting. It has a 500w motor and offers a wonderfully comfortable e-bike experience. It also boasts the pedal assist function and is suitable for all fitness levels. The top speed attained by this e-bike is about 36km/h with a 40 - 60km battery range

Electric Bikes and Hire

Team building or leisure!

Looking for Cape Town E- Bike Rentals? Choose our electric bikes, whether you want to bond with your team or simply do your own thing, contact us to make your desired outdoor activity come true. We offer exclusive  Cape Town tours that you can use to create a Team Building session and customise leisure rides. These are incredibly fun and adventurous for those fit, unfit, young or old..


We are always happy to encourage a self ride with one of our of electric bikes. It’s great for heading outdoors and feeling the freedom of these awesome machines.

If a drop off and pick up point is required then a fee of R500 will be added, within a radius of 25km of Cape Town CBD. Additional Km’s will be charged at a rate of R5.78/km

Guided tours are not included in these rates and can be quoted separately.


2 -4 Pax

5-8 Pax

Half Day



Full Day



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