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Feel Comfortable, Sporty or leisurely!

Enduro 3000

This e-bike is the exhilarating option in our stable. It has a 3000w motor with 40 - 60km range with a top speed of around 70km/h. This unit weighs 55Kg’s therefore only suitable for person/s who are confident on a bicycle with a height of 1.6cm and up. This bike has no pedal assist, therefore suitable for all fitness levels.

The Commuter

This e-bike is our “copy cat” of an MTB bicycle. It has a 250w motor with pedal assist function. Stunning and comfortable for all. This bike is ideal for those who enjoy a slight work-out i.e. comfortable and easy pedal assist on uphills. This unit can reach a top speed of about 36km/h with a battery range of 30-50km’s.

The Compact

Last but not least, the fun guy in our stable. This unit is called the compact for a reason, it can fold in half for easy transporting. It has a 500w motor and offers a wonderfully comfortable e-bike experience. It also boasts the pedal assist function and is suitable for all fitness levels. The top speed attained by this e-bike is about 36km/h with a 40 - 60km battery range