E-Bike Sales

We bring in carefully selected models that have been tried and tested out in the field. The balance between power and battery is always a big decision-maker as we want our clients to enjoy the peace of mind of purchasing the right e-bike to fit their budget as well as enjoying the power and freedom our bikes have to offer. There are so many different options out there, and after much consideration, we currently are offering only 2x different models which we feel are serious value for money and reliable. 

Both models have aluminum frames and are well-balanced power to battery ratios. Our prices are exceptional because we customize your orders and bring in a brand new bike without the costs of shop floor space.

Warranties come with all purchases….So… don’t procrastinate, get a life, get one of our e-bikes now !. And start exploring our beautiful surrounds without the effort.


750W. Aluminum frame.

Awesome all-rounder

R27 000 (guideline)


500W (48V) Fold-up e-bike.

Ideal in all types of terrain

R22 500 (guideline only)

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